Boost Pedal


This is a dual JFET boost, using the mu-amp/minibooster circuit. The controls for this pedal are—a 2-way gain switch, volume knob, tone knob, and a 3-way bass switch.

The two fixed biases, selectable with the gain switch, were chosen to be more moderate than CWS001 or CWS002, at levels that were more useable. The bass switch selects between three levels of bass boost—the center being the flattest response, a low bass boost to the left, and high bass boost to the right.

The addition of a tone knob to this circuit made it possible to get a near even response across the frequency spectrum, so that at unity gain, the same tone could be achieved whether the pedal was on or bypassed. This did not eliminate the possibility of opening the circuit up when the knob was dialed all the way down for harsher, more aggressive tones. This knob was set up similar to a cut knob, where the higher the dial is turned, the more high frequencies are rolled away.

The pedal was painted using a cream enamel and hand detailed in black. The aluminum which shows through on the baseplate and face of the pedal was given a brushed look, before being painted and covered with a clear enamel.

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