Tremolo pedal based on EA tremolo design.

CWS006 - tremolo

CWS006 – tremolo

This pedal was built fairly true to the circuit, with minor adjustments to the controls to give them a more preferable range. The sound of this pedal, compared to that of the boost pedals CWS001-CWS004, has a more substantial boost in the treble frequencies, giving it a nice bright sound and a more vintage feel. The tremolo effect can be set anywhere from subtle to choppy with the depth knob. If this control is turned all the way down, the pedal can be used as a boost by adjusting the output with the volume knob. The speed knob controls the rate at which the fluctuations occur, and the LED flashes in time with the effect.

This pedal has a sound similar to the built in tremolos on amps from the 50’s and 60’s. I’ve compared this pedal many times to the tremolo of my old 1966 Airline amplifier, and the resulting sound is very close. Of course there is no way of exactly duplicating a tube driven tremolo in a transistor based pedal, but this is about as close as I could hope for.

This pedal can be heard on the recording of “Wildlife” on tracks “a Departure” and “Harder Harmonies“.


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