Tremolo Pedal made for Derek Sterenberg.

Derek's Tremolo - CWS007 006

This pedal was made to the same specifications as CWS006, based on a circuit which was published in Electronics Australia in November, 1968. It has a similar sound to the tremolos that were built into the circuits of the amps during that time period. This pedal adds a nice chime and brightness when the volume is turned up and gives a great vintage feel. CWS007 was built for my brother, Derek Sterenberg, who plays guitar in various groups from Grand Rapids, MI.

Derek's Tremolo - CWS007 026


  1. I absolutely LOVE this pedal. (Thanks again, bro!) I play it through an American Fender Telecaster and get some amazing liquid-butter chimey tones out of it – real rich mid-lows but maintains super crisp mids and highs. Couldn’t be happier with this baby. You just can’t buy these tones anymore.

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