CWS014 – Tremolo Optical mod

Another tremolo based on the circuits found in CWS006, CWS007, CWS009, and CWS012. This circuit was modded with two switches, one to bring in extra depth, and another that switches in an optical component.


A NOS photoresistor was used in conjunction with the internal flashing LED to create an optocoupler which creates the tremolo effect in the circuit. With the optical switch engaged, the tremolo effect is deeper and rounder, effecting more of the original signal. This enables more dramatic tremolo effects, such as fast, choppy sounds, or slower moving tremolos. It has a subtly different character than the original circuit, which is based on tube tremolos in vintage amplifiers. With the optical switch off, the circuit is identical to those before it.


Since this pedal was a prototype, I left it without an external LED. Future updates will most likely have a single switch to activate both the deep and optical components simultaneously, as well as a static or flashing LED to indicate status. This pedal also features top mounted jacks.


This pedal was used on the recording of the album Panorama, and can be heard on tracks “Fulton Street II,” and most prominently on “There You Are (Hiding Place).”

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