These three pedals were built as refinement to the concept in CWS016. The main circuit is the same as found in CWS008, with the addition of a switch that controls a large or small boost in the bass frequencies. The tone section (knob on the right) is the same as determined in CWS016, except that no minimum value was set restricting its lowest value. I found that setting the tone knob at a right angle to 9 o’clock, was sufficient for finding a flat EQ, and that there may be some value for settings below this point. At around 2 o’clock on the tone knob, the circuit is identical to CWS008. At this value, there is the addition of a lot of pleasing overtones which works very well for guitars with humbuckers, but can be a little too harsh with brighter, single coil pickups. I have found that turning down the treble gain to about 11 o’clock, and compensating by turning up the volume slightly, will give a nice balanced sound to almost any pickup, especially single coils. The balance between the two knobs on the pedal (volume, treble gain), makes it possible to balance out any pickup situation. A dark muddy guitar can be brightened up by turning up only the treble gain and leaving the volume low. Conversely, a bright, jangly guitar such as a tele or Rickenbacker can be tamed by turning down the treble gain and turning up the volume. In this way, a variety of tones can be found just by striking a balance between the two knobs. The pedal also has the benefit of being able to act as a buffer with flat EQ (volume set at noon, tone gain at 9 o’clock). Subtle adjustments can be made from this starting point to react to different situations. I now use one of these as an always on pedal, and a second for an additional gain boost.

CWS018 is being used by Corey Stroffolino for live use, beginning in November, 2018.

CWS017 and CWS019 are being used on my personal board, beginning in November, 2018.




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