CWS020 – PTP Boost

This pedal was my first attempt at building something point to point on turret strip. I started making this boost without a plan or a diagram, and was pretty amazed at how nicely everything fit together. Sprague Orange Drop capacitors and mil-spec metal film resistors were used throughout, and their larger size worked well in spanning the distances necessary to make as few connections and use as little wire as possible (definitely the least amount of wire I’ve used in a pedal so far). Full sized 24mm Alpha pots were used as well, stretching out in the luxury of their larger enclosure.


The circuit for this boost is the same as CWS017-019, with the exclusion of the bass switch, though there is plenty of room in the case for one to be added. The tone capacitor is also slightly smaller than in the most recent boosts, but also could be easily swapped out. This method of building has a lot of advantages in terms of serviceability and durability, and because everything is openly displayed, would be extremely easy to modify or adapt if necessary.


The sound of this pedal should be comparable to its predecessors CWS016 or CWS017-019, but the short lead lengths and direct connection of components means there is the least possible amount of signal loss, and should hold up extremely well over time. It will also be easily modified and serviced, say 20 years down the road when the power supply capacitor needs to be replaced, or in 2 years when someone plugs in the wrong adapter and blows the protection diode. The trend for guitar pedals (and all electronics) is to become smaller and smaller, but this also means they are increasingly disposable. When we don’t have the knowledge or skill (or money or time) to repair these items they end up in the trash. This pedal goes against that grain in every way, being able to be serviced by anyone with a soldering iron, and using components that are capable of lasting generations.

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