For this boost pedal I was starting to consider different ways of arranging components, and seeing which methods took more or less time to build, or more importantly– were more enjoyable to build. I started on a smaller perfboard, and swapped out some of the larger orange drop capacitors for Panasonics. A few of the components such as the LED and switch were wired directly to the components themselves, but mostly it was wired in a typical fashion to and from the circuit board.

I found this method to be extra time consuming, and used a considerable amount more wiring than other arrangements I had tried. The next pedal I made used a completely different approach and was built point to point on turret strips. The photo below shows CWS026 (left) next to CWS027 (right); the same circuit, but different ways of making them.

CWS026 is used by Erik Bensberg of the band Taken.

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