CWS027 – OAM Panorama

This pedal was made for producer Will Yip to commemorate the making of the La Dispute album Panorama, which was released on March 22, 2019. The circuit was based on CWS008 which was used on nearly every guitar part on the record.

The circuit was built point to point on turret strips, and included a 9V battery snap, a genuine Neve knob, and an old aluminum radio knob. An LED was omitted so that the battery life would be as generous as possible.

A stamped aluminum plate (recycled from an old street sign) was filled with glow in the dark paint to resemble the gradient on the Panorama cover.

This was one of the first pedals to be stamped with the OAM lettering on the front, and hence is the beginning of the OAM Panorama.

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