Batch of 10 OAM Panorama clean boosts with various finishes and options. This was the first production run of these pedals, and they were made after La Dispute’s European tour was cancelled due to the pandemic. I was exploring various ways of finishing the pedals, including hand sanding, scraping, and stamping. Bass switches were included on some of the pedals either on the side or on the top. Others were left without a switch similar to the original OAM Panorama CWS027.

CWS028 – brushed enclosure, oxblood knobs
CWS029 – bare enclosure, bass switch side, black knobs
CWS030 – bare enclosure, bass switch on top, black knobs
CWS031 – gravel scraped enclosure, oxblood knobs
CWS032 – brushed enclosure, bass switch side, black knobs
CWS033 – brushed enclosure, bass switch side, black knobs
CWS034 – brushed enclosure, bass switch side, clear bakelite knobs
CWS035 – brushed enclosure, black knobs
CWS036 – brushed enclosure, black knobs
CWS037 – brushed enclosure, black knobs
CWS038 – brushed enclosure, stepped potentiometers, small brown knobs

CWS037 was included in a raffle organized by Will Yip to benefit the AAPI Community Fund, along with an original test pressing of Panorama.

CWS038 was an oddball of the batch and included stepped potentiometers and smaller brown knobs. It was sold much later in June 2022 at Guitar HiFi in Royal Oak, MI.

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